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Welcome to TUSA

Transportadores Universales, S.A., hereon TUSA, is a company located in the polygon Malpica of Zaragoza, in the northeast area of Spain. It was formed as such in 1986, although it’s been developing its activity for over 60 years.

It is dedicated to the manufacturing of machinery for the sector of construction and public works, and more importantly to the production of machinery for arid treatment, as well as maintenance in general and a wide range of machinery related to this sector, being recognized for the responsibility of its commitments and the quality of its technical developments.

Tusa has known how to diversify its equipments in many sectors, designing and manufacturing recycling installations, concrete plants or any sector in which a belt conveyor may be used.

The technical and human means that TUSA has, have allowed it to offer itself as an auxiliary workshop for big companies.

The main added value of Tusa is Total Assistance :

  • Engineering and Design

    From the first moment all the engineering of TUSA is at the service of the client to satisfy his needs and achieve better results in the project. TUSA boasts about an important capacity for the development of new product and adaptation of the standard product to the needs of the client, this way offering the best technical and economical solution possible. Likewise, it’s important to outline the capacity of TUSA in the development of special machinery thanks to the wide experience of the management team and the flexibility of its productive means.

  • Development and manufacturing

    Innovation in production systems paired with the extensive experience in the metallurgic system of TUSA make it possible to reach great objectives both in quality and in costs reduction.

  • TUSA Assembling

    It’s got its own team of experienced assemblers and offers its customers the possibility of managing the installation, including the commissioning of the installation.

  • Post Sale Services

    Tusa has got a great stock of articles prepared for expedition. In most cases, spares can serve in a term of 24-36 hours. Tusa is prepared to attend and solve the most urgent faults of our clients.

The presence in the market at a global level is constant through distributors and collaborators throughout the world, as well as by the participation in the main expositions of the sector and the collaboration with commercial exhibiting associations of international scope.


The address of TUSA establishes documentary and keeps updated, a quality policy developed with base on a management of quality system in accordance with Regulation UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 working from the following general notions:

  • Adequacy of the quality policy to the objectives of the TUSA organization.
  • Adequacy of the quality policy to the needs and expectations of our customers.

The quality policy of TUSA is specified in the following points:

  • Compliance with customers’ requirements including complementary requirements when they are applicable.
  • Control of total quality costs.
  • Continuous improvement of the efficacy of the quality management system.

We use the following supplier evaluation method
We use the following supplier evaluation method: Download PDF


TUSA is credited to make EC Market of metallic structures and construction components for their use in steel structures or mixed structures of concrete and steel.

Maximum Level – EXC 4

Regulation UNE 1090 is a specific regulation that affects manufacturers who wish to commercialize metallic welding products in UE, for this they should issue a declaration of compliance with such regulations.

Regulation UNE 1900 affects:

  • Structures destined to be incorporated in a civil work or construction permanently. This excludes provisional structures such as scaffolding or mobiles / movable.
  • Structures destined to carry weight, subject to a structural design or calculus. The manufacturer always being responsible independently from who made the design, whether it was an external company or the manufacturer itself. .

To conclude, this regulation affects structures for silos, structures destined to support solar panels, highway billboards or billboards that are going to be incorporated in civil works as stadiums or bridges.

In order to stay in compliance with this regulation TUSA uses the following system:

  • Implantation of a Control System for the Production in Factory (CPF). This plan defines the means for the design, production and control of the execution of metallic structures.
  • Initial control of type, which can be made through initial calculations or by a type essay made by the internal technical department of Tusa.
  • Declaration of conformity and realization of the EC market.
  • Annual audit of the system incorporated made by an external and independent certified organism.
Certificado Gestión de Calidad

Quality Management Certificate

IQNet and AENOR Hereby Certify

IQNet and AENOR Hereby Certify

Certificado Control de Producción

Production Control Certificate