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We offer reliable top quality technical assistance.

The effort of TUSA is to guarantee that the systems of belt conveyors work in the most satisfactory manner for our customers. Tusa shows its prestigious and recognized Technical Office, being a company that sets trends in the design and manufacturing of belt conveyors, not in vain, it’s got over 60 years of experience in the design, production, installation and maintenance of personalized facilities turnkey.

Now, TUSA’s engineering is in the snow sector.

Our services on the field can help you:


Tusa offers inspections to guarantee an optimal use of belt conveyors. A properly installed and maintained belt will perform better and will last for longer, which would lead to saving money. The team of experts in services on the field of Tusa can inspect your installation and provide a useful and detailed report. Likewise, our engineers will apply the results and indicate if there are elements that can be improved. Of course, Tusa can also help you with these activities.

Repairs and counselling

In the event of experiencing problems with the belt conveyor, the time of inactivity should be reduced to the minimum. Our team can quickly and correctly evaluate the difficulties of the belts, in the most convenient way for you. Usually, Tusa can solve and repair the problem in situ. The commitment is to tend to the fault in the shortest way possible.

Installation and commissioning

The correct installation of the snow belt conveyor is essential to guarantee good performance of the transport system. For this, Tusa can install the belt conveyor and/or help your team in the installation and commissioning of the belts.

Measurement and adjustment

The Tusa field service team also offers the measurement and adjustment of the conveyor belts to ensure the correct installation of the belts.

Revision of engineering in the installations

Tusa offers revisions of engineering for the belt conveyors that are already operating. Our revisions, which cover a lot of areas, can result useful for you to update your equipments in the matter of regulations. Obviously, revision is personalized in order to adapt to your needs.

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