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Legal Notice

The present clauses regulate the relations that can take place in the use or Access of the Internet Portal that the mercantile entity TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A. sets at the disposal of all Internet Users.

The use of this Internet Portal by any person grants that user the condition of Portal User, assuming the acceptance from that user of all the conditions included in this LEGAL NOTICE which shall be read by the User in all and every occasion when he intends to use the resources or services of the Portal, warning the User that the present LEGAL NOTICE could be the object of modifications or updates by force of law or by decision of TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A. some or others being at the disposal of the User in this Portal.

Through this Internet Portal, TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A. facilitates Users of the same, for free, access to a wide choice of services and contents directly related with the business activity of the same (hereon INDUSTRY), with said access being subjected to rules of behaviour collected in the hereby LEGAL NOTICE, and that the User shall read and accept without exception of any class or any motive.

In any case, it is warned that TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A. could opt, at any time and without need for a previous warning, to withdraw or suspend the provision of SERVICES both for reasons of technical or organizational nature as in the case of having proof of any kind of breach of this LEGAL NOTICE by any User of the Portal.

The present LEGAL NOTICE is governed by the provisions established on the Law 34/2002, July 11th, of the Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce, by the Organic Law 15/1999, December 13th, of Protection of Data of Personal Nature, as well as the rest of the national, common and international regulation applicable due to the matter.


Business Name

The company Transportadores Universales, S.A. with registered office at C/E, Nave 70- Polígono Malpica, 50016 Zaragoza, Spain, CIF: A-50103167, Intellectual and Industrial Property, subscribed in the Mercantile Register of Zaragoza in Tome 1048, File 134, Page Z-1981 and inscription 6ª.

Intellectual and industrial property

All the content posted on the Internet Portal, quoting with mere informative nature the designs, texts, photographs, graphics, icons as well as the brand, commercial name, or any other distinctive sign susceptible of industrial and / or commercial use, are the property of TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A., without the User being granted any of the exploitation rights over them, beyond what is strictly necessary for the correct use of the portal and the services provided through it.

It is prohibited for the User any act of direct or indirect exploitation, of partial or total nature, of any of the contents enabled in this Internet Portal.

Specifically, and in a purely declarative manner, any type of reproduction, transformation, making available, distribution, etc., of part or all of the content and / or information appearing on this Internet Portal is absolutely prohibited.

Terms of use

Users are forced, from the first moment of accessing the Portal, to make correct use of the contents enabled in it, understanding as content, but not limited to, texts, images, icons, graphic design, photographs, etcetera, and all in accordance with the provisions of this LEGAL NOTICE, in our legal system, as well as, with morals, public order and good manners.

Specifically and, with mere informative nature, the User must refrain from transmitting, copying, reproducing, distributing, and / or modifying the contents of the Portal, as well as deleting, manipulating, or altering any identifying data or identifying sign of which TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, SA is the owner or related with.

Liability Disclaimer

Of information: TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A. doesn’t guarantee the veracity, suitability, accuracy, updating, and completeness of the content in this Internet Portal, not taking responsibility for any damage caused by the lack of said veracity, suitability, accuracy, timeliness, and completeness.

Regarding the quality of the Service: TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES S.A. does not guarantee the absence of virus or other elements in the contents, which might produce alterations in the computer system of the Users, nor does it take responsibility for damages of any nature that might arise from the existence in the content of such virus or elements, not answering for possible failures or disconnections of the network nor by the eventual suspension or cancellation, temporary or definitive, of the services offered by TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A. in this Portal.

Regarding links to external pages: TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A. does not guarantee or control the absence of virus or other elements in the services provided in the links to other pages or internet portals which may be enabled in the Portal of TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A., nor does it assume responsibility for damages of any nature caused by the presence of virus or other harmful elements in it, not guaranteeing the lawfulness, reliability or usefulness of the services provided in such links, or assuming responsibility for damages caused in the provision of such services.

Protection of personal data

For the use of some Services of the Portal the User shall previously provide TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A. with certain data of personal nature (perfectly identified in the services enabled for such purposes), that TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A. shall treat automatically for the means and under the conditions specified in its Privacy Policy, which every User who wants to use such services shall access.

Communication of errors

In the event that any User or third party considers, or possesses knowledge, that the content of the Portal is being used illegally and / or illegal activities are being carried out on the websites included or accessible through the Portal, that User must communicate it to TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, SA by means of a notification that must contain:

  • The personal data of the claimant: name, surnames, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Description of the alleged illicit activity.
  • Express and clear statement under the responsibility of the claimant that what is established in the notification is accurate and of the illicit nature of the activity. The notification, by the User to TRANSPORTADORES UNIVERSALES, S.A., will be effective when, addressing the Customer Service Department, it takes one of the following forms:

Delivery by postal mail:

C/E, Nave 70, Polígono Malpica
50016 Zaragoza (ESPAÑA)